There are many reasons to workout, stay fit and eat a balanced diet (I’m writing this right after skipping the gym while eating a snack – but I am deep cleaning the house today and that counts as a workout right?). But I am starting to think that the biggest reason I try to keep a regular workout schedule isn’t my health, but so that I can eat more delicious snacks.


I know, so do lots of people. But during this recent holiday season I have noticed just how much I appreciate a good snack! I wish the food I loved was healthier but you can’t win ’em all. My husband (who has much better self control), while he doesn’t want me to eat bad food, loves getting me delicious little treats once and a while because I just get so excited. My face lights up with a huge smile, I become overjoyed, sometimes I do a little dance – honestly, it’s a bit ridiculous. He got another holiday gift basket at work this year (YAY) and brought it home. The picture only includes some of what was in the basket but trust me, it’s amazing. I have definitely found a couple of new snacks to add to the favorite list.

So many snacks!
I can’t wait to dive into that little cake!
I love the Paluani Croissants – definitely adding it to the favorite list!

I have always LOVED food. I genuinely enjoy eating, so I am always on the hunt for delicious new treats! It may sound a little obsessive but I am considering starting some sort of food diary of my favorite treats, haha. I haven’t thought of any details yet but it seems like a good idea.

Fortunately (unfortunately) for me, I am lactose intolerant so I have to moderate what I eat. If a delicious snack has dairy in it, I can only have it once in a while as a special treat. It is probably good for my health that I am lactose intolerant – otherwise I would be UNSTOPPABLE!

If you have any great snacks you love to indulge in, please share them!

*you can check out my new favorite croissants here! (I think you might be able to get them on Amazon too Рall I know is that I will be buying some more lol)


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