I am not going to lie, I have a hard time when it comes to keeping a regular fitness schedule. Once I have started a workout I am fine – it is GETTING to the workout that is a struggle. If you are like me, you should try and find a different way to work out. I still go to the gym and occasionally do yoga at home, but I found something new that keeps me interested and motivated – aerial fitness courses.

Aerial Dance offers pole courses, aerial courses and flexibility and conditioning courses. You learn something new in every class and every class is a challenge, but that challenge is part of what makes the classes fun! I can go to the gym, do a kickboxing video, etc. but learning something new and different has held my attention like a gym never has. I have earned lots of bruises but I have also found a lot of confidence in myself. Not only have I lost weight but I have built muscles and watched myself progress at moves. Yes, you can see your progress at the gym in how many pounds you can lift or how long you can run but I needed a break from the routine. This change in my workout routine has made all the difference and has helped me to have fun while becoming a healthier me.

I am currently taking a pole fitness course and recently upgraded to an aerial membership so that I can take all the other courses that the studio offers. Rather than trying to explain the wide selection of courses that are regularly offered, here is a chart straight from the studio’s site! You can also click here and go straight the the website yourself. 🙂 The instructors are very helpful and make sure you are learning everything in a safe and friendly environment. They even have some classes for men as well as co-ed options!

Class Chart - Aerial Dance Pole Exercise

I have not had the opportunity to try everything there yet but it is all on my list. During my last couple of months at the studio, I have used and exercised muscles I didn’t even know I had, made new friends and enjoyed my workouts! If you want to add something new into your workout routine, look for new opportunities in your area. It may take a little digging and you may not have something exactly like this near you but, in the end, it could be totally worth it!


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