After months of planning and endless 7:00 am skype calls, I was finally boarding the plane to Bangkok, Thailand. I had worked for this moment and it was finally here!

on the way to thailand

Now, back up about 6 months prior to this and I had just gotten the co-op job that would later send me to Bangkok. I had no idea that I would be traveling during my time with this company but, looking back, it seems like a smart choice not to advertise that when looking for employees. 

During my time at this job I worked for the international department. One part of my job was to coordinate the international sales and marketing meeting. So to make sure everything went well, I would also be attending the meeting. 

Now fast forward back to the plane! I was on cloud nine the whole way there. There was an overnight stop in Hong Kong and then I was in Thailand!

For this event we worked with the Banyan Tree Bangkok. When I arrived I was greeted by wonderful staff and then immediately got to work. I had to do a few preliminary meetings with the hotel’s event manager but after everything was set up for the following morning I went to my room to get some rest. Instead, I gave myself a concussion. That’s right. Somehow I smacked my head on the marble shelf at the head of the bed.

At the time I thought I had only given myself a bad bump and just needed some rest, so I went to sleep. Long story short, I was wrong. My next two days were spent in bed. It was killing me! I was at this beautiful hotel, had planned dinners at all these amazing restaurants, planned tons of great activities and I was stuck in one room! But that is how life goes sometimes.

In the end everything was just fine. I was able to get plenty of rest and the women whose job I was covering for was able to make the trip and stood in for me when needed. Lastly, the Banyan Tree gave me an amazing room – thank you! With views like this, it was easy to make a speedy recovery. 

view from the room

Banyan Tree Suite

Even though I didn’t spend the trip as I would have necessarily hoped to, it was still an amazing experience. <3


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