So I started this blog because I wanted to start writing more/writing professionally. It all started about two months ago when I decided I was going to write a novel. A novel about what? Who knows. I thought I had some ideas but I am finding it hard to narrow in on a particular idea. There are things floating around in my head but putting them into a cohesive story on paper is a whole other matter.

While I work on my future novel, I thought it would be fun to start a blog. I wanted a place to not only share my thoughts and experiences but also get feedback and connect with people. I didn’t want to just practice alone in my room like some troll hoarding its treasures from others. What better way to accomplish this than to put stuff on the internet for people to judge……

You may be thinking to yourself “What made you decide to write a book?” I have always had a book to read for as long as I can remember. I am ALWAYS reading a book, or two or three at any given time, and I have thought to myself on countless occasions, “I wish I could write a book.” Finally I asked myself, “Why can’t you, why can’t you do that?” One thing I have come to learn about myself is if I put my mind to something I can do it. So I decided I would write a book.

I began my research on how to write a book and let me tell you, there is a sh*t ton of stuff out there. I have learned a lot of new things in the last month but it can definitely be overwhelming. Luckily, I know someone who has actually been published so I reached out to her on the off chance she remembered me and wanted to help an aspiring writer. She was more than happy to help me!

We met up yesterday for coffee and, after we caught up, she let me pick her brain a bit. She was beyond helpful. We talked about how she started writing, what some of her habits are, etc. It was great! I wanted to share some of the best nuggets of advice I got, while they are still fresh in my mind.

Tips for aspiring writers:
  1. Write every day. Just make yourself do it. Write about whatever you want but get into the habit of writing.
  2. Don’t overthink it. If you get stuck somewhere move on and come back to it later.
  3. Your friends and family cannot edit or give feedback on your work. They love you and will love whatever you do. So just don’t.
  4. Don’t stress. Work hard and push yourself but don’t put so much pressure on yourself that writing stops being something you enjoy.

In conclusion…

If you have thought of writing a book, or blogging, etc., just do it. Start today because you won’t get better at writing unless you write.



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